Body Art Inspections

While body art is a  personal choice of self-expression, it is the responsibility of the Clark County Combined Health District to ensure sanitary procedures. The CCCHD licenses Body Art establishments and performs inspections per the Ohio Revised Code. It is important to visit a licensed establishment due to the fact that if procedures are performed in unsanitary conditions, infections by diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and MRSA may occur.

List of Approved Body Art Establishments in Clark County:

American Tattoo Collective                                       Artistic Delirium Tattoos

2210 E. Main Street                                                   841 E. Main Street

Springfield, Ohio 45503                                             Springfield, Ohio 45503

(937) 505-3743                                                           (937) 767-0292

James Wagner                                                            Cory Hall

(Tattoo & Body Piercing)                                          (Tattoo & Body Piercing)                                


Brandie’s Hair and Tanning                                       Flesh to Fantasy Springfield

380 Enon Road                                                           1629 E. Main Street

Enon, Ohio 45323                                                       Springfield, Ohio 45503

(937) 864-5365                                                           (937) 505-9705

Brandie Blair                                                              Alejandro Valdez

(Permanent Make Up)                                                            (Tattoo/ Body Piercing)                    


Rak Plastic & Reconstructive                                                Rose City Tattoo

218 Northparke Drive                                                1145 N. Bechtle Avenue

Springfield, Ohio 45503                                             Springfield, Ohio 45503

(937) 399-9997                                                           (937) 505-9406 or 269-3277

Andrea Rak                                                                 Mike Brown

(Permanent Makeup)                                                  (Tattoo)                                          


The Village Hair Designs & Spa                               Sinners and Saints Tattoo Co.,

164 N. Chillicothe St                                                  528 N. Main Street

South Charleston, Ohio 45368                                   New Carlisle, Ohio 45344

(937) 462-2006 or 926-2313                                      (937) 673-4481

Christina Rudd                                                           Matt Williamson

(Permanent Makeup)                                                  (Tattoo & Body Piercing)                     


Envy Permanent Makeup                                           Glam Studio on 41

1224 N. Bechtle Ave                                                  2435 Troy Road

Springfield, Ohio 45504                                             Springfield, Ohio 45504

(937) 207-3131                                                           (937) 450-7490

Rachel Monroe                                                           Ashten Houseman

(Permanent Makeup)                                                  (Permanent Make up)                                   


SAS Med Spa                                                             Microblading & Company

30 Warder St., Ste 240                                               425 W. Harding Road

Springfield, Ohio 45504                                             Springfield, Ohio 45504

(937) 521-1111                                                           (937) 346-5902

Dr. Richard Nedelman                                                Caitlyn Vannoy

Dr. Steve Conkel                                                        (Permanent Makeup)

Dr. Jennifer Daniels                                         

(Permanent Makeup)


Mallia Salon & Day Spa                                            Pure Skin

412 W. McCreight Ave                                              2520 E. High St.,

Springfield, Ohio 45504                                             Springfield, Ohio 45505

(937) 399-7447                                                           (937) 206-6464

Sydney Jennings                                                         Cheryl Koelsch

(Permanent Makeup)                                                  (Permanent Makeup)                                 


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