Disinfection after flooding (Click here for information)

Follow the directions on the form to disinfect the water well.  The form will require information that we can assist you with.  Call us as (937) 717-2451 Option 2

Private Water Systems: Well Permits

The Private Waters System Program works to ensure a safe drinking water supply for all residents of Clark County not served by a Public Water Supply.  Since groundwater resources are readily accessible throughout Clark County the most common private water system is a well.

The construction of a new private water system, alteration of an existing private water system, and/or the sealing of a private water system requires a permit from our office.  This permit may be applied for by either the property owner, or their registered private water systems contractor.  Additionally, regulations require that all installations of new private water systems, alterations of existing private water systems, and other major repairs be performed by a registered private water systems contractor.  The Ohio Department of Health maintains a list of the registered private water systems contractors located in Ohio, as well as a list of registered contractors located outside of Ohio.  To access these lists, you may contact the ODH Private Water Systems Program.

As of April 1, 2011, a homeowner constructing, altering, drilling a well, installing a pitless adaptor, or sealing a private water system must obtain a homeowner’s private water systems registration from the Ohio Department of Health.  For assistance in this process please contact our office at (937) 717-2451 Option 3, or the ODH Private Water Systems Program at (614) 644-7558.

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