What is a Community Health Assessment?

"A community health assessment is a process that uses quantitative and qualitative methods to systematically collect and analyze data to understand health within a specific community. An ideal assessment includes information on risk factors, quality of life, mortality, morbidity, community assets, forces of change, social determinants of health and health inequity, and information on how well the public health system provides essential services. Community health assessment data inform community decision-making, the prioritization of health problems, and the development, implementation, and evaluation of community health improvement plans."

-- NACCHO, 2016



2015-2017 Clark County Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan 


Progress Reports 2016-2019

Progress report as of December 2016

Assessment Data

Youth Risk Behavior Survey - Middle Schools

Youth Risk Behavior Survey - High Schools

Behavior Risk Factor Survelliance System Survey

Community Health Assessment Report

Social Determinants of Health

2015 Community Health Assessment - Presentation

2016 Community Health Improvement Plan 


Task Forces

Substance Abuse

Facilitator: Susan Bayless

Secretary: Tina Fisher -- tfisher@ccchd.com

Minutes 1.29.2016

Minutes 2.26.2016

Minutes 3.25.2016

Minutes 4.22.2016

Minutes 5.27.2016

Minutes 6.24.2016

Minutes 7.22.2016

Minutes 10.22.2016

Minutes 12.2.2016

Minutes 01/27/2017

Minutes 02/24/2017

Work Plans 2016-2019

Substance Abuse Data

Next Meeting: March 24, 2017 10:00 AM at JFS. Enter building C.


Healthy Births and Sexuality

Facilitator: Carlisa Parker - cparker@ccchd.com

Minutes 1.29.2016

Minutes 2.8.2016

Minutes 2.29.2016

Minutes 4.25.2016

Minutes 5.16.2016

Minutes 6.27.2016

Minutes 8.8.2016

Minutes 11/07/2016

Minutes 01/09/2017

Minutes 03/06/2017

Work Plans 2016-2019

Healthy Births and Sexuality Data

Next Meeting: TBA



Facilitator: Carolyn Williams - cwilliams@ccchc.com

Minutes 1.29.2016

Minutes 2.12.2016

Minutes 3.11.2016

Minutes 3.22.2016

Minutes 4.19.2016

Minutes 5.19.2016

Minutes 6.14.2016

Minutes 9.13.2016

Minutes 10.17.2016

Work Plans 2016-2019

Nutrition Data

Next Meeting: TBA


Physical Activity

Facilitator: Anita Biles - abiles@ccchd.com

Minutes 1.29.2016

Minutes 2.23.2016

Minutes 8.10.2016

Work Plans 2016-2019

Physical Activity Data

Next Meeting: TBA


Tobacco Use

Facilitator:Elle Evans - eevans@ccchd.com and  Sarah Pol - spol@ccchd.com

Minutes 1.29.2016

Minutes 2.11.2016

Minutes 3.2.2016

Minutes 3.8.2016

Minutes 5.10.2016

Minutes 6.7.2016

Minutes 8.16.2016

Work Plans 2016-2019

Tobacco Use Data

Next Meeting: TBA


Mental Health

Facilitator: Sandy Miller

Secretary: Jan Walker -- jwalker@ccchd.com

Minutes 1.29.2016

Minutes 2.24.2016

Minutes 4.14.2016

Minutes 5.12.2016

Minutes 6.9.2016

Adult Subcommittee Minutes 5.16.2016

Adult Subcommittee Minutes 6.1.2016

Adult Subcommittee Minutes 6.14.2016

Adult Subcommittee Minutes 7.19.2016

Adult Subcommittee Minutes 01/24/2017

Adult Subcommittee Minutes 03/16/2017

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 4.26.2016

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 5.31.2016

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 6.14.2016

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 6.28.2016

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 8.30.2016

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 10.4.2016

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 12/13/2016

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 01/17/2017

Youth Subcommittee Minutes 02/21/2017

2016-2019 Work Plans

Mental Health Data

Next Meeting: Large Group - TBA
                      Adult Subgroup -  TBA
                      Youth Subgroup - April 18, 2017, 7:30 AM, at the Clark County      Combined Health District, Small Conference Room. Please use the Main Entrance


Chronic Disease

Facilitator: Charlie Patterson

Secretary: Lindsey Hardacre -- lhardacre@ccchd.com

Minutes 1.29.2016

Minutes 2.8.2016

Minutes 2.29.2016

Minutes 3.21.2016

Minutes 5.2.2016

Minutes 6.13.2016

Oral Health Subgroup Minutes 5.9.2016

Oral Health Subgroup Minutes 6.20.2016

Oral Health Subgroup Minutes 8.15.2016

Oral Health Subgroup Minutes 9.13.2016

Oral Health Subgroup Minutes 10.18.2016

Asthma Subgroup Minutes 7.15.2016

Diabetes Subgroup Minutes 5.18.2016

Diabetes Subgroup Minutes 9.7.2016

Diabetes Subgroup Minutes 11.1.2016

Work Plans 2016-2019

Chronic Disease Data 

Next Meeting: TBA


Clark County Community Health Assessment & Health Improvement Plan, 2012-2013

Through a series of community conversations, the following five focus area were identified as priority issues for Clark County, OH:
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Healthy Births and Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Obesity
  • Substance Abuse



Clark County Community Health Assessment - September 2013
Clark County Community Health Improvement Plan 2013 Partial Report: Priorities and Work Plans
Clark CHIP Sept 2014 Update

Youth Risk Behavior Survey:

Comparative Analysis: Clark County 2011 vs 2013
Youth Risk Behavior Survey Comparison: Clark 2013, Clark 2011, Clark 2009, US 2011, OH 2011

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System:

2012 Clark County Adult BRFSS Report Narrative
BRFSS Full Report with Appendices

Links to Clark County Health Statistics:

Network of Care
County Health Rankings and Roadmaps


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