Infectious Disease

The success of the Public Health System in caring for individuals depends on the partnerships between various agencies in our community.  One of our essential partnerships rests with the Health Care Providers in Clark County.  We strive to be accessible to you and support the important work that you do for the residents. 

 H7N9 Avian Influenza Update:

Infectious Disease

Autumn is the Season to Stay Healthy

Falling leaves, school buses rumbling down the road, cool night-time temperatures - all are signs that autumn will be here before we know it.  For good advice on staying healthy at any age, follow these CDC links:

Autumn Health and Safety Tips

Family Reunion Tips

Halloween Health and Safety Tips

Parents of school-age children (and anyone interested in healthy families), check out CDC Videos for Parents.  These helpful, informative videos cover a wide variety of health topics.  As children return to school, don't forget the basics: a good review of hand-washing techniques and respiratory hygiene will give your young student added protection against colds and other illnesses. Watch "Put Your Hands Together", for a quick review of an important aide to good health at home and at school.


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Communicable Disease Nurse: Maggie Robinson (x239)

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