Tuberculosis Screening

Our goal for the Tuberculosis Program...

is to detect, report, treat and prevent cases of tuberculosis in the community. Our TB control physician and the rest of our clinic staff work to manage all active and latent cases of the disease in Clark County. We also provide current information about TB in the community as well as education about the disease from our clinic nurse.

Tuberculosis (TB)
is caused by a highly contagious bacterium that attacks the lungs and other parts of the body. TB is spread by respiratory contact with an actively infected individual. To control the spread and occurrence of this illness, the Health District offers tuberculosis screenings and manages both preventative and active treatment through the TB Clinic.

Update on Tuberculosis Screenings/Tests
at Clark County Combined Health District (CCCHD)
updated: June 6, 2013

The Clark County Combined Health District has received updates from the Ohio Department of Health TB Program in regards to availability of Isoniazid and Tubersol. Information transmitted to the Ohio Department of Health from the FDA indicates two companies are working to meet the need for PPD Skin Test solution.

As stated in the May notification, our cost for a Tuberculosis Skin Test is $10.00 per test.  This change is based on the increased cost of test supplies including the test solution.  

We currently have adequate PPD Testing solution available to use. In addition to regular testing services at the Clark County Combined Health District, we will continue to offer IGRA testing to those who need testing and wish to utilize this process. We encourage all agencies requiring a Tuberculosis Screening for their residents or their workforce to examine the origin of the requirement, whether it is a licensing/accrediting body, or an internal procedure. We encourage agencies to seek clarification from their licensing or accrediting body.

In systems where Ohio or other legislation do not dictate the method of tuberculosis screening,  the agency may consider using a Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire to identify persons at high risk of acquiring disease.  These persons identified as high risk would then be recommended for the further screening.  The Health District could assist in facilitating this process, or it could be completed independent of the Health District involvement.  For more information and discussion about this process, please call Kitty Smith or Stacey Thomas at (937) 390-5600.

Alternatives to Tuberculosis Skin Testing:

IGRA (interferon-y release assay) blood tests are available through local laboratory companies with a physician or healthcare practitioner’s order.  The result of the IGRA blood test is acceptable in place of a skin test result.  More information about the IGRA blood test is here:

  1. Persons who need testing and wish to have the test processed through their health insurance are encouraged to either:
    1. Work with their healthcare provider to get a prescription for an IGRA blood test to be drawn at any local laboratory, and have their results interpreted through their healthcare provider, or
    2. Obtain an order for an IGRA from CCCHD Tuberculosis Clinic to present at a laboratory, and have the results interpreted through the TB Clinic.

**Please note: Clients are encouraged to be fully aware of their specific health insurance coverage benefits and what portion of the service will be the client’s responsibility to the laboratory.  We encourage them to call member services on the back of their insurance card.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during the PPD shortage. The Clark County Combined Health District remains ready to offer assistance or guidance as needed.

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