Site Approval and Application Process

(i.e. adding a pole barn, pool, or room addition where a home already exists)

The Clark County Combined Health District conducts site approvals at the request of local zoning officials to determine whether proposed construction projects may impact on-site sewage systems and private water systems.

Our regulations require a ten-foot isolation distance from construction projects to both private water systems and on-site sewage systems.  This ensures that these systems remain accessible for maintenance and repairs and that they are not disturbed by construction activities.

Please be aware that all properties with on-site sewage systems must maintain sufficient area for replacement of the sewage system.  A construction project may be disapproved if it interferes with the available area for replacement of the sewage system.

If you need a site approval, please fill out the Site Approval Application (get the form here) and attach a sketch of your proposed construction.  The sketch need not be to scale but must give sufficient detail and/or measurements that the exact location can be determined in the field by an inspector.  Example sketches.

Applications may be submitted in person at the Clark County Combined Health District, e-mailed, or faxed to 937-390-5625.


Site Approval listing of commonly requested isolation distances (NOT intended to be all inclusive):

You must stay a minimum of 10 feet from any portion of your household sewage treatment system.  Certain types of projects may require a greater distance, please contact our office (937-390-5600) with specifics regarding your improvements if it is a project like a pond or geothermal system.

Your private water well must remain:

  • a minimum of 5 feet from the edge of any private driveway, parking area, deck, patio, or other non-walled improvement to your lot.
  • A minimum of 10 feet from any building
  • A minimum of 50 feet from any boreholes or horizontal excavations for geothermal use.
  • A minimum of 25 feet from the edge of any proposed pond construction
  • A minimum of 20 feet from any household type propane supply tank(s)
  • A minimum of 50 feet from any household type fuel oil supply tank(s)


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