About Us

The Clark County Combined Health District provides public health services for the citizens of Springfield and Clark County.



The Mission of the Clark County Combined Health District

is to protect and improve the health of the community through:


Promotion of wellness


Prevention of injury


Prevention of disease



Vision Statement:


All members of our community are well and live in a safe environment.




Your Health Connection for:


Public Health Services Environmental Health Services
Breastfeeding Lead Paint Information
Emergency Preparedness Mosquito Information


Home Visiting Plumbing
Immunizations Pool Inspections
Nursing Consultation Rabies Reports
School Health Radon Information
STD Clinic Restaurant Inspections
TB Clinic School Inspections
  Septic System Information
  Solid Waste Information
  Water Well Information

Vital Statistics

Birth and Death Certificates

Genealogy Information (1908– present)


Help Me Grow Services

Developmental Screenings

Home Visits

Support and Information for Families of Infants and Toddlers


We provide the following services:


     Environmental Health Services:

     Prevention of Disease and Injury


Retail Food Operations : Inspections help protect the community from food borne illness.


Schools : Inspections help create healthy learning environment.


Pools : Hotel/motel, municipal, indoor, and other public spas and swimming pools are inspected regularly.


Environmental Inspections : For campgrounds and manufactured home parks.


Sewage : Septic system consultations, soil analysis, permits, and inspections.


Water: Consultations, testing, permits, and inspections for plumbing systems and private wells.


Lead Poisoning Prevention : Housing inspections, hazard control, and testing.


Rabies Quarantine : Specimen testing if necessary.


Solid Waste : Inspection of disposal facilities and nuisance control.


Interagency Resource : For environmental health and safety issues.


Radon Resource : Provide test kits and consultation services.


Mosquito Resource : Provide information and education on mosquito nuisances.


Plumbing : Inspections and consultation for commercial and residential plumbing systems.



Public Health Services :

Promotion of Wellness

Prevention of Disease and Injury


Communicable Disease Investigations.


Community Education : Presentations available by request for your business or organization.


Safety and Health Awareness Programs :

Safety: Bicycle helmets; car and home safety

AIDS: Prevention and awareness


Tuberculosis: TB screening and follow-up care on positive cases.


Childhood Immunizations : Available to every child regardless of income.


Adult Immunizations : Immunizations available for various charges.


Lice Control and Education : A collaborative program with the Clark County Department of Job and Family Services to assist families with chronic lice problems.


Clinic for Sexually Transmitted Disease: Physical exams, education, screening, and treatment. Sliding fee scale.


HIV Testing and Counseling : Anonymous and confidential testing at no charge.


School Health : A collaborative program with the schools to provide necessary childhood screenings.


Help Me Grow : A home visiting program for expectant families and families with children prenatal to age three. The Help Me Grow initiative is through the Ohio Department of Health


Maternal, Infant, and Childhood Home Visiting Program: A home visiting program for expectant families and families with children prenatal to age five. This grant is available through the Maternal, Infant, and Childhood Home Visiting Program.


Healthy Mommy/Healthy Baby: A prenatal outreach program to assist pregnant women.


Home Visits: Available to any resident of Springfield or Clark County with a health-related issue and community referrals.


Bureau for Children with Medial Handicaps: Information, referral, and case management for children with special medical needs.


Walk- In Clinic: Nursing consultation for health concerns. Blood pressure, blood sugar, and head checks for lice. Call (937) 390-5600 for more information and hours.


Vital Statistics:


Registers births and deaths in Springfield and Clark County.

Issues birth and death certificates for those born in Ohio.

Maintains birth and death statistics for Springfield and Clark County.

Resource for historical birth and death information.


Board of Health Members
Valerie Moore, NP- President
Catherine Crompton, DDS
Dala DeWitt, RN
Bernadette deGuzman, MD
David Henry, DVM
Marianne Potina
William Scarff
Dan Young
Boards members may be contacted using health@ccchd.com
Health Commissioner
Charles Patterson, R.S., MBA
Core Management Team
Christina Conover, RN, Director of Nursing
Lori Lambert, LSW, Director of Early Childhood
Larry Shaffer, RS, Director of Environmental Health
Shannon Hackathorne, Assistant to the Health Commissioner
Emily Hawke, MS, RDN, LD, Director of WIC





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