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Assessments: [Draft Form]

  1. Community Themes and Strengths: provides a deep understanding of the issues that residents feel are important by answering the questions: “What is important to our community?” and “How is quality of life perceived in our community?”
  2. Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA): focuses on all of the organizations and entities that contribute to the public's health.
  3. Community Health Status Assessment (CHSA): identifies priority community health and quality of life issues. Questions answered include: "How healthy are our residents?" and "What does the health status of our community look like?"
  4. Forces of Change Assessment: identifies forces such as legislation, technology, and other impending changes that affect the context in which the community and its public health system operate.

*These assessments were based on the MAPP Process Phase 3. The draft assessments provide valuable information for improving community health.



Other resources supporting the CHA:

  • Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR) for Clark County
    • PPOR provides a research-based framework for investigating and identifying specific causes of local fetal-infant mortality.
  • 2019 Regional Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA Report)
    • As part of Clark County’s 2019 Community Health Assessment (CHA), CCCHD has collaborated with the Health Collaborative (Cincinnati’s hospital association), the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA, Dayton’s hospital association), and other local health departments in our region to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for the hospitals.
  • 2018 Drug Death Report for Clark County
    • Data presented in this report was compiled during the Clark County Drug Death Review. Coroner’s actual figures may vary.
  • 2018 Annual Communicable Disease (CD) Report for Clark County
    • This annual report summarizes reportable conditions received by the Clark County Combined Health District (CCCHD) during 2018.
  • State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP)
    • The SHA is a comprehensive and actionable picture of health and wellbeing in Ohio. The purpose of the SHA is to inform identification of priorities in the state health improvement plan (SHIP) and to provide a template for state agencies and local partners, with a uniform set of categories and metrics to use in related assessments.
  • County Health Rankings for Clark County
    • The annual Rankings provide a revealing snapshot of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work, and play. They provide a starting point for change in communities.
  • Engage Springfield
    • A partnership between Wittenberg University and the greater Springfield community; seeks to both engage Wittenberg and empower Springfield by making data accessible and understandable.
  • Housing in the Champion City: Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis for Springfield. Ohio
    • This report is intended to provide community leaders in Springfield with a resource to address the housing needs of the city.

If you have questions, you may contact Anna Jean Petroff by calling (937) 390-5600 x267 or email at apetroff@ccchd.com



1. National Association of County & CIty Health Officials (NACCHO)

2. Ohio Department of Health (ODH)





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