Health Professionals

The success of the Public Health System in caring for individuals depends on the partnerships between various agencies in our community.  One of our essential partnerships rests with the Health Care Providers in Clark County.  We strive to be accessible to you and support the important work that you do for the residents.

Community Health Assessment & Improvement Plan
Visit the Community Health Assessment page for Clark County data and improvement plan status, a project for 2012-2013.

Infectious Disease

Visit Infectious Disease page for Quarterly Infectious Disease Reports, links to and updates for novel viruses, as well as a link to the Ohio Infectious Disease Control Manual (Ohio’s IDCM), which gives guidance for reporting and investigating Reportable Diseases.

Other News:

  • Visit Tuberculosis page for changes in TB Screening Cost and for IGRA information
  • Visit STD/HIV page for changes in Sexually Transmitted Disease clinic hours



Last Reviewed 4-23-19  AJP/ PLF