The Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA) serves six different counties in Ohio and operates within each county’s health department. RAPCA’s mission centers on protecting citizens of the Miami Valley from the adverse health and welfare impacts of air pollution.

In keeping up with air quality regulations, any person who owns and/or operates a facility containing one or more sources of air contaminant emissions shall pay an annual fee based on the facility status of the previous calendar year. Annual fees shall be invoiced and paid annually. Retest fees for emissions tests conducted at facilities or GDFs are billed following the successful completion of the testing program. All fees are due within 30 days o f receipt of invoice.

In the event a facility is shutdown, idled, the facility status changes, or the fee would cause undue hardship, adjustments may be made at the discretion of the RAPCA Administrator. Any such reduction or waiver of the fee requirement shall be reviewed annually.

These regulations shall take effect 10 days after the first of two publications in the Springfield News-Sun after adoption by the Board of Health of the Clark County Combined Health District.

The following is a general outline of fees associated with violations

  • Title V facility with allowable yearly emissions of:

       1. Up to 50 tons $750
       2. More than 50 tons $1500

  • Synthetic Minor facility with allowable yearly emissions of:

       1. Up to 25 tons $200
       2. More than 25 tons through 50 tons $400
       3. More than 50 tons $800

  • Hazardous facility $600
  • Incinerator $200
  • Gasoline Dispensing Facility (GIN) fee per each dispensing position $15
  • Dry Cleaning Facility $100
  • Other Facilities with allowable yearly emissions of:

       1. More than 1 ton through 5 tons $100
       2. More than 5 tons through 25 tons $200
       3. More than 25 tons through 75 tons $400
       4. More than 75 tons through 100 tons $750

  • Hazardous Waste Fuel Burning Facility or Used Oil Burning Facility $0.01 Per gallon burned
  • Retest fee for emissions tests conducted at facilities or GDFs $200


To find out more about RAPCA and the Clark County program, visit their website. 



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